Bodhy Khaya Retreat Centre

4-7 February 2021

2020 has offered an endless supply of uncertainty and stress. To find balance in times of unpredictability, means to take refuge in the body, and embrace the qualities of the timeless now. The Embodiment Retreat is intended to offer an opportunity to discover yourself, just as you are; to nurture; and to explore the present moment with dignity and grace. There is no safer refuge than within oneself. There is no time other than the present. As the poet Jane Hirshfield suggests:

... within my body,
another body,
whose history, waiting,
sings; there is no other body,
it sings,
there is no other world.

This three night retreat will include space to breathe, to walk, to sit, to rest, to be yourself. Come to listen, to feel, and to reconnect. Give yourself to nature, wholesome food, guided walking, mindful movement classes, meditation practice, reflection, and more.


Price: R3800 for single occupancy accommodation including 3 meals per day.

(Book before the end of December at early bird special rate of R3500)

Bodhi Khaya is calling. Can you hear the silence?



The Embodiment Retreat

home in the body, peace in the now

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Cape Town, South Africa

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