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Mindfulness Courses

May I have the power to exchange

my best with your best.

― Nadia Boulanger

Courses offered usually include six to eight 90-minute sessions which are specifically designed to support individual development in a group environment. Each week is centered around a specific theme. These typically include:

  • Introduction: context for practice and perspective

  • Being: ways of tuning into presence

  • Listening: deep listening and self-compassion

  • Curiosity: playing with possibility

  • Communication: presence in relationship and mindful speech

  • Opening: exploring mindfulness in everyday life

Michal in his own words . . .

Based on this framework, courses are designed for specific settings. These are intended to address unique areas of development based on consideration of particular circumstances.

Courses: About Therapy

Please see below for more information on select and unique settings in which I offer mindfulness courses,
and how research informs the specific course content:


Mindfulness for Wellbeing


Mindfulness at Work


Mindfulness at School

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